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  Real Estate FAQ's
    - Homestead Declaration FAQ
- Notice To Landlord To Repair And Deduct FAQ
- Month To Month Residential Rental Agreement FAQ
- Residential Lease FAQ
- Residential Rental Application FAQ
  Corporations FAQ's

- Corporation Package FAQ
- General Information On Corporations
- Corporate Name Reservation FAQ
- Articles Of Incorporation FAQ
- Corporate Binder, Shares & Seal FAQ
- Bylaws FAQ
- Action By Incorporator FAQ
- Waiver Of Notice FAQ
- Minutes Of First Board Meeting FAQ
- Proposed Agenda For First Board Meeting FAQ

  LLCs FAQ's


  Estate Planning FAQ's

- California Advanced Health Care Directive FAQ
- Uniform Statutory Form Power of Attorney FAQ
- California Statutory Will FAQ

  Privacy FAQ's

- Authorization for Health Care Provider To Release Medical Information FAQ
- Authorization for Employer To Release Medical Information FAQ
- Request to Inspect and Copy Patient Records FAQ
- Request to Maintain Non-Medical Information Confidential FAQ

  Finance FAQ's
    - Bill of Sale for Automobile FAQ
- Notice and Demand for Payment on Bad Check FAQ
- Unsecured Promissory Note (Lump Sum Payment of Principal) FAQ
- Unsecured Promissory Note (Installment Payments) FAQ
  What should I do if I am not able submit my form and continue to payment?
  Try saving your form instead of submitting it. Your form will be saved to as an incomplete form which you can come back to any time. Please call our technical support line at 949-254-6430 and we will help you identify and fix the problem.
  What is ? Do I need to register to access ?
  Yes, you need to register to access . By registering, you will be given your own account for FREE and can do the following with your account:
1) Access Complete Forms: These are the forms ready for your printing. After you submit and pay for your form, it will automatically appear under complete forms and your form is ready for printing. Your form will be available for you as long as you are registered with .

2) Edit Complete Forms For a Period of 48 Hours: If you discover mistakes or typos on your final document, you have 48 hours to fix them. Fixing the mistakes is as easy as it was to fill out the form.


3) Access Incomplete Forms: These are the forms that you started to fill out, but did not complete. There are a couple of reasons a form will show up as incomplete. The first is that you selected to "save" the form instead of "submit" the form. The other is that an error occurred during the submission process. The form will be automatically saved so that you can resubmit it later.

  What is the ? How do I access it?
  Using the "Intelligent Questionnaire" () allows you to customize your documents. Since the questionnaire will change as you provide answers, guesswork is removed from the equation and you create a document tailored to your needs.

Each document has its own . To access the , go to the topic of interest and simply click on the name of the document you need.
  What are the ? How do I access them?
  provide in-depth information as well as references to relevant California code sections for each document. If you are unsure about how to answer a particular question while using the , you can quickly find your answers in the .

You can access the either from the topic pages or from each by clicking on the icon.
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